現在は、パリで年4回催されます “PREMIERE CLASSE”(ブルミエールクラス)に出展し、世界的にそのデザイン力と商品力が高く評価されています。

BARCOS offers creative ladies‘ bags at department stores and multi-brand stores home and abroad broadly and has built a leading company position on sales of TV-shopping, mail-order magazine and internet.

In addition, we develop the product for inflight magazine and offer the joint developed products for OEM and ODM etc to the companies such as apparel companies and international brands.

As our overseas activities, we participated in COTERIE, fashion fair in New York and MIPEL, the world’s largest handbag fair in Milan in the past. We are the only Japanese brand to have participated in MIPEL successionally and received the awards at MIPEL three times.

Now, we participate in PREMIERE CLASSE to be held in Paris 4 times a year and are highly regarded as our design and product internationally.